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2022 - 2024 Strategic Plan

Leadership Development

Empowering Member’s Ability to Advocate for Marginalized Populations

  • Establish a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee
  • Identify priorities for the DEI committee
  • Develop a strategy to implement the committee priorities

Mentor New Directors

  • Host an annual new director orientation in July
  • Identify & analyze current mentorship practices
  • Research mentorship practices of other CASE units
  • Develop & implement new mentorship practices
  • Develop a two-year system of on-going support for new directors
    • Host quarterly connection points for mentors/mentees to maintain relationships and provide additional professional learning
Engage Members
  • Develop a new/additional forum for members with similar needs & demographics to engage & network
  • Develop a system for identifying and lifting up members via volunteer opportunities within the organization

Recognize & Honor Members

  • Establish ICASE awards that align with CASE awards
  • Develop a nomination and selection process for the annual awards recognition
  • Submit ICASE award nominees to CASE by June 1st for consideration of national recognition.

Increase Membership

  • Set a metric for membership growth
  • State: Increase our number of members from charter schools
  • State: Investigate a membership strategy to support coordinators, department heads, and case conference coordinators
  • Nationally: Create an efficient, user-friendly system for members to manage dues & enrollment for ICASE, CASE, & CEC in one system
  • Develop a system for onboarding new members
  • Increase diverse population within our membership (ASELI)

Enhance the Sustainability of Our Professional Development

  • Develop a plan for conferences with dates, locations,& keynotes 24 months in advance
  • Develop a PD Committee logistics calendar
  • Identify a strategy to differentiate professional development based on the needs of our members

Fiscal Sustainability

Finalize Fiscal Policies

  • Board Member Expense Reimbursement
  • Budget Process
  • Investment Policy
  • Reserves Policy

Increase Association Revenue

  • Invest surplus funds into a new account to grow interest
  • Investigate how other CASE Units generate revenue
  • Investigate the option of fundraisers
  • Identify grant opportunities
  • Clarify the categories and benefits of vendors and sponsors
  • Increase the number of vendors and sponsors who support ICASE
  • Consider scholarship opportunities to grow membership
  • Study membership dues
    • Collect data on if membership dues are district or personal expenses
    • Collect data on the membership dues of other CASE units

Implement a Revenue Source Solution for Roundtables

  • Identify a sustainable method to generate annual revenue for roundtables
  • Plan & implement webinars to provide professional development that is responsive to issues in the field and will generate revenue for Roundtables

Actively Engage Sponsors & Vendors

  • Clearly articulate annual opportunities for vendors & sponsors to support ICASE
  • Define the process to support our sponsors & vendors

Advocacy & Political Influence

Engage Member Voices

  • Create an ongoing training for ICASE Members to increase comfort and frequency with advocacy
  • Develop & implement a plan to proactively engage our members with legislators as a way to build relationships and capital. (High Five for Legislators)
  • Create Google Form to collect responses from RT to gain feedback

Unify ICASE Voice

  • Annually develop a platform as a tool for members to know and speak on our most important issues
  • Study & share information on state & federal policies that impact our field
  • Article 7 Workgroup - Maintain an active group of ICASE members who are willing to discuss and provide feedback on changes and enhancements to Article 7


  • Educate members on the role of KWK
  • Identify how information flows between members and lobbyists
  • Involve KWK with members during our conferences

Build & Maintain Relationships

  • Indiana Department of Education
    • Engage the State Director of Special Education at Executive Committee Meetings
  • IN*Source
    • Hold regular meetings with the IN Source Director
    • Identify one joint project
  • Institutes of Higher Education (IHE)
    • Reignite the University Forum
  • ICASE Liaisons
    • Define the expectations of the ICASE liaisons by developing written procedures for selecting, onboarding, and communicating with liaisons.
  • Indiana CEC and CASE
    • Identify additional ways to connect with Indiana CEC
    • Identify additional ways to connect with CASE

Positively Promote the Profession & Address the Special Educator Personnel Shortage

Develop, share, & Implement solutions to address the shortage of special education personnel

  • Collaborate with the Indiana Department of Education and maintain ongoing communication on strategies we can implement in the field that will be supported by the Department
    • Letter submission to State Superintendent outlining field concerns
  • State approval of ASSET for attainment of special education licensure credentials of currently licensed educators to meet the emergency permit requirements
  • Education As A Critical Infrastructure Conference: Attract, Prepare, Retain
  • Evolution of ASSET to also:
    • serve as an ICASE PD product for teacher retention and development
    • coordinate & implement special education Grow Your Own Pathways
  • Strategic messaging to bring awareness to the issues
    • Meeting with Dr. Jenner
    • Chalkbeat Reporter
    • ICASE Brief on these topics

Promote a positive perception of the profession

  • CEC’s 100 stories
  • Plan for 60th anniversary messaging
  • Cultivate sense of belonging and connectivity 

Active Voice

Ensure our communications & actions align with our bylaws

  • Put procedures in place to monitor term rotations
  • Develop organizational procedures

Enhance ICASE platforms to engage communication among our membership

  • Website
    • Meets the needs of our members
    • Provides an emotional connection & sense of belonging
    • Archives resources in an easily accessible manner
  • Social media
  • Email blasts (2x month)

The Mission of the Indiana Council of Administrators of Special Education is to provide leadership, support and professional development to empower our members in shaping policies and practices to improve the quality of education for all students.

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