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ICASE is proud to partner with the Indiana Department of Education on two important programs to expand and enhance our mission to provide leadership, support, and professional development to empower our members in shaping policies and practices to improve the quality of education for all.




Resources at the state and federal levels.


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President's message

Greetings ICASE members, and welcome to any guests of our organization!

As I embark on my term as the ICASE President, I can’t help but find myself in awe of the amazing work that our volunteer organization continues to engage in on so many fronts. Innovative programs such as ASELI and ASSET are helping to meet current needs in the field while being a model for other states around the country. Prioritizing intentional DEI initiatives to help ensure all professionals are represented. Virtual symposiums on pressing topics to increase your capacity as an administrator. These are just a few reasons why ICASE has been recognized as the top state CASE unit in the country, and our professional development committee has received national recognition for their quality of work.

All of this recognition and innovation circles back to one key factor…YOU! You are the reason we produce excellence in all we offer. You are the reason we are growing. You are the “why” behind “what” we do! I encourage you to increase your network and engage with ICASE members across the state who are both like you, and not like you. One of the best benefits we can offer you as a member, is eachother!

I’m thrilled to be your President for the next two years! It is my goal to continue to grow our market reach as an organization, diversify our revenue streams, and differentiate our offerings to meet your professional needs whether you are a first year administrator, or a twentieth year administrator. Let’s continue to DO BIG THINGS!!!

Joe Kwisz

ICASE President


The Mission of the Indiana Council of Administrators of Special Education is to provide leadership, support and professional development to empower our members in shaping policies and practices to improve the quality of education for all students.

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We are celebrating 60 years of ICASE and want to spotlight 60 outstanding educators! There are so many wonderful things going on in each of our school districts across the state. We'd like to highlight these experiences through ICASE. Please share a celebatory experience that you have been an integral part of -- We know educators are quite humble people, but this is your time to pat yourself on the back; share LOUD AND PROUD! Click HERE to submit a celebration!

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